Sample Speaking contract

The attached is my standard speaking engagement contract.  Please contact me with any questions.

Don Allen Holbrook, LLC

9200 Dalmahoy Place, Las Vegas, NV 89145 – USA



Contract between (Don A. Holbrook) and (name of Organization)

Event Title:  
  • Breakfast
  • Luncheon
  • Dinner


Session title: (Keynote speaker, break out special session, training session, Q&A with the Author) 
Dates: (Month/Day/Year) 
Location: (Name of facility/hotel)(Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country)


Speaking Fee: (Amount of speaker fee per day and what it includes)Example 1: $3,500.00 per day; includes (50 ) copies of his most recent book, “The Next America- Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy.”  Following review and approval of this contract by the appropriate organizational officers a non-refundable down payment of $500.00 in the form of a check will be sent or wired to the speaker. The remaining balance will be paid via a check, on site upon completion of his presentation.  Additional leadership meeting and specialized breakout-sessions on The Art of the Deal Today discussing hybrid financing and development of conceptual projects are an additional $500.00 per session when booked with a speech. The Speaker will customize the speech to the hiring organization’s area of interest or conference focus if applicable and as requested by the client to the best of his ability.


Travel: (Specify the air/ground travel expenses that the Organization will pay in advance of the speakers travel to the event. All expenses for the speakers travel are the responsibility of the hiring organization and if possible should be pre-paid and cancellation should be possible in case of sickness and/or another matter that restricts the speaker from making the presentation.Example 1: Mileage to and from (destination or the airport for air travel) at  (IRS current published rate) cents per mile AND/OR coach class round trip air ticket to and from (destination) in the event that the event requires international travel the speaker shall be given a business class ticket.

Example 2:  All travel expenses are to be arranged by and billed directly to the hiring organization in advance if possible.  The total Speaking Fee (above) does not include any travel expenses.  The Speaker shall be booked airfare on his preferred airline vendor (even if there is a fare difference between non-preferred of no more than 25%)

Example 3:  All travel expenses are to be arranged by Speaker and billed directly to the hiring organization for payment via their own funds.  Speaker is to provide receipts to the hiring organization after the event for any pre-paid expenses not yet reimbursed.  Payment of expenses is required within 10 business days.  A late fee of $100.00 per day shall be paid by the hiring organization if the reimbursement is not received within 10 businesses days of the receipt of the expense invoice.


Per Diem: Additional days of travel that require more than 2 businesses days for the event are billed at $500.00 per diem plus expenses for travel if applicable.  Only upon request of the client. 
Hotel: The speaking organization is responsible for providing the speaker with his hotel room and shall not require the speaker to use his own credit card to secure such lodging arrangements.Example 1: The Hiring Organization will reserve and pay for 2 nights (specify date(s)) at ____________hotel with a deluxe king size bed if available.


Audiovisual Equipment:
  • (Name of hiring organization) will provide (example; lap top computer w/preloaded power point presentation that the speaker is to utilize during his speech.)
  • (Hiring Organization) will provide (examples; LCD projector, screen, lavaliere microphone, podium, and a book signing table plus a chair for the book signing after the event speech.)
  • The Hiring Organization is fully responsible to pre-test the presentation in the audio visual format well in advance of the speech so that there are no technical difficulties at the time of the speech.


Lecture Materials and Printing: Speaker will provide the Hiring Organization with a copy of the lecture slides and materials in an electronic format no later than 6 weeks preceding the seminar. Printing costs will be incurred by hiring organization with exception of any materials received beyond the 6 week deadline of (date). 
Book Signing Event The Author as part of the speaking fee is going to provide the Hiring Organization with (50) books to be distributed to their audience.  The Author will agree to hold a book- signing event after the speech for those that desire him to sign their books.  Additional books may be pre-ordered by the hiring organization for $10.00 per book plus shipping, but must be ordered no less than 6 weeks prior to the event.  Hiring organization must wire the funds for such a purchase prior to the order of the books.  All books being shipped to the event including the included books in the speaking fee will be billed to the hiring organizations express shipping billing account and shall be delivered to the event 1 day prior to the speakers presentation.
Cancellation Clause: Event Notice of Cancellation is subject to the following terms:

  • Cancellation up to 60 days prior to event – no charge for speaker fee
  • Cancellation between 1-3 weeks prior to event – 25% of speaker fee
  • Cancellation in the last week prior to event – 50% of speaker fee
  • There is no refund of the Speaker Deposit and it does not apply to the cancellation fee as it is stated in this contract.  Cancellation fees are based upon the gross speaker event fee that was agreed upon.  Cancellation fees must be paid within 5 business days of notice of cancellation or a $100 per day late fee is agreed to be paid by the hiring organization.


Copyright Clause: Example: (title of presentation)The outline packet is intended for (hiring organization) to copy for the sole purpose of giving to the attendees of the speaker’s session.  It may not be copied, sold or given away for any other purpose without expressed written permission of the speaker.


Standard legal Dispute Resolution and disclaimer Both Parties agree that any legal dispute including collection of unpaid fees shall be the financial responsibility of the party that prevails.  This shall include any attorney fees, collection agency fees, and additional time required by the speaker in pursuit of relief and remedy to the breach of this contractual agreement by the hiring organization, at his normal rate of $395.00 per hour.  The speaker’s hours shall match those billed by his legal counsel as an assumption of his time consumed in such matters.  Any, legal disputes and/or mandatory arbitration prior to litigation, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada and all claims handled in Las Vegas, NV Circuit Court system.
Client Recommendation(s)  Each Client must provide the speaker with a written evaluation of his speech presentation within 10 days after the event and as such these comments may be used in the speakers promotional marketing.  The hiring organization will send this review via email on scanned organizational letterhead to the speaker.  The speaker may list the client as a speaking reference and also provide the hiring organization’s contact persons email and phone number for future client referral inquiries on this web and other marketing materials. If the speaker has done a satisfactory performance he expects a favorable testimonial from the client. 
Payment of Fee(s): Any Remaining Expense Reimbursements and the initial non-refundable speaking deposit and/or the payment of any cancellation fees shall be wired to the Speakers Bank Account at the expense of the hiring organization, this is best in order to avoid late fees.Wiring Instructions are as follows:

Account Name Holder- Don Allen Holbrook, LLC.

Account Holders Bank- Chase Bank

Account Number-#757831292

Account ABA/Routing # – 122100024

Swift Code- CHASUS33

President Signature   Date   Speaker/Company Signature   Date
Printed Name   Phone #   Printed Name   Phone #


Organizational Treasurer Signature or Appropriate Chairperson Signature   Date        
Printed Name   Phone #        
All Non-Profit Organizations must have the signature of two officers in order to validate our commitment to agreeing to speak at the event. 

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